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Preparing for Xmas TV

December 10th, 2012 No comments

You know what? The Christmas holiday period is fast approaching, and you know there are going to be lots of programmes and movies on TV that you would want to record and enjoy when you have a moment to watch. So here are my tips to capture and watch using your Humax PVR!

Make sure you have enough diskspace on your PVR’s hard drive
This one is obvious, but you will not be able to leave it until the last minute! To clear space, you need to either watch those series recordings or movies or transfer them off the internal hard drive. To watch them, you need a little time. Once you’ve watched the all the episodes you can delete the series folder in which they have recorded with a few button presses to make more space.

Transfer Recordings to External Disk Drive

To transfer the recordings off you need an external USB drive. If you don’t have an external USB drive, you can source one from our recommended purchases page . This will take time to copy, so order an external hard drive now and start transferring!

Upgrade your internal Hard Drive
Another route is to expand your internal hard drive by upgrading it. Source an internal hard disk drive from our recommended purchases page for you particular Humax PVR and replace it. If you are installing a bigger disk than the supported size, you need to do it now as it will take sometime to setup.

Put your internal Hard Drive into an enclosure
Once the internal has been replaced, you can insert this is a caddy or enclosure to either transfer the recordings off or play them connected up to your PVR, if it supports this. Find an appropriate hard drive caddy on the recommended purchases page for your hard disk. You can even purchase a cheap NAS enclosure to share your converted or plain recordings over the network.

Convert, compress recordings to AVI or MP4
Once you can access your recordings using a computer, you can start to convert them to a smaller format to save disk space. To do this you need to source a video conversion program and convert to which ever format you like (to on that is supported by your PVR or smart TV would be recommended.) The video conversion application we recommend is AVS Video Converter, and by following these links, you can support this blog when you purchase a copy. You can also download a copy for preview and if you purchase an unlimited license you can also use ALL the AVS applications including audio editors, DVD burning, and anti-spam tools!

Looks like the Blog area of MyHumax.Org is ready!

February 25th, 2011 1 comment

Well, let’s see if I can make my first blog post.

I will be moving all my wikis to this site once the Wiki area is up, but for now, I might blog my way…

First subject will be me raving about the Humax FOX HDR T2’s standard components, and why it is beneficial to owners… watch this space for my FOX HDR T2 internal hard disk drive replacement/upgrade!

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