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How to use Private Messages on the Forums

August 4th, 2012 No comments

What is a Personal Message (PM)?

A Personal Message or PM is a message sent from one user to another within a forum. There is such a facility on MyHumax.Org’s Forum, and it is called Private Messages.

When you login to MyHumax.Org’s Forum, under the welcome section (top-right-corner of screen), there is an item that says Private Messages (if you have no new messages in your inbox). Click on this to go to the Private Messaging (PM) page.

How do I send a PM?

On the PM page you can view or create a Private Message. To create a new PM, click on the ‘New>>’ link. This will then take you to the new PM compose screen (very similar to the new Topic screen):

Sending a PM is very similar to posting a Topic. Fill in the title text box (a) with a title of the PM. Type in the username of the person you wish to send the message to in the to text box (b). When you start typing the username, a drop box will appear with matching names, select one that appear to be certain that the user exists or type the name in completely.

Once theĀ recipientĀ is selected, you can type your message in the large text box, and send it by clicking on the Send Message>> button.

How do I read my PMs?

If you have new PMs, the same location of the top right corner under the Welcome section, it will tell you how many new PMs you have.

By clicking on the link, you are taken to your PMs and there you can read them.

To read your PMs, click on the message you want to read:

Once you have read your message, you can reply to it by pressing on the reply link. The Reply box will be revealed and you can type in your reply.

Click on the Send Message button once you have finished composing your message.

Conversations with PMs

The new Private Messaging system is not strictly a one-to-one conversation; it allows you to invite other members into a conversation you are having. To do this, enter the name of a member you want to invite in the text box (a) under the Members: section (b):

How do I Delete a PM?

There is no delete action in the PM system. Instead we have an ‘unsubscribe’ facility. When you no long want to view the conversation you are having, click on unsubscribe:

The PM will then disappear from your inbox, and will be deleted once all members of the conversation have also unsubscribed from it.

MyHumax.Org is 1 Year Old!

February 24th, 2012 No comments

I hope you’ve not missed the fact that MyHumax.Org is now 1 year old! There’s a competition to celebrate this fact here:

So with no funding whatsoever (read this post), MyHumax.Org has attracted 1345 members, making 5,075 posts in 773 topics (threads). Not bad!

Happy Birthday! May you live long and prosper!

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