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GParted Live CD

Sorry about not posting for a while. I’ve been meaning to make this post for a while now for completeness of the instructions on how to partition a drive for a HDR-FOX T2 or format a USB drive to use with the FOXSAT-HDR. Well here it is – the final part.

The two posts: here and here, talk about using Ubuntu and Slax. The former standing at 700MB, and 200MB or abouts, but the GParted Live CD is only 150MB in size. You can download it from GParted Live CD SourceForge site.

The GParted Live CD is the smallest to download and allows you to boot up your PC and run GParted to format your drive in the EXT3 filesystem that the Humax PVRs can understand. The small size of the Live CD image means that it is faster to download and run, but it less friendlier than the Ubuntu and Slax equivalent.

Although it is unfriendlier to use and looks slightly different, you would boot the Live CD and use GParted in exactly the same way as I’ve instructed in the respective posts.

GParted Live CD

Apart from the small download size, the GParted Live CD also has the correct version of the command-line parted which is used to format an Advanced Format hard disk drive to have the 4K blocks aligned – either optimally, or minimally, so that they work without performance issue with Linux.