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Converting Radio recording to MP3

November 17th, 2011 5 comments

Sorry for not posting for a while… No excuses – now straight to the post. So the Humax PVRs are not just for recording TV, but very useful for radio too! Now that the radio EPG is fully populated, recording a radio series is a breeze. But for those who do listen to a lot of radio, converting recording to MP3 will save space on you recorder.

Doing this conversion with AVS Audio Converter is breeze. Remember you get all the AVS tools including this Audio Converter when you buy/register an unlimited license for £35! I say this for those who have already purchased the AVS Video Converter following my other posts. And for those who are going to purchase the Audio Converter – you will be able to download and use the Video Converter too!

First step is to move/copy your radio recordings to move/copy your recordings to a USB drive. Second is to startup AVS Audio Converter once it has installed on your PC, and click on the Import from Video button. This will show up the .ts files of your recordings. Import all the files you would like to convert.

You can now edit the recording(s) – removing pre/post-ample talk and introductions by pressing on the Editor tab. Select the section you wish to remove by highlighting the area. You can perform various tricks such as fades and other processing on your audio if you wish. Once you are happy back to the Convert by the tab and choose what output format you wish to convert to. If converting to formats which have metadata, you can also edit the filenames and tags of the files.

Finally, one neat feature of AVS Audio Converter is the facility to create an ‘audio book’ – attaching covers and making chapters out of a set of audio recordings!