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Remote control has stopped working - unit failing to respond.

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    The salient points from This thread plus other links are consolidated in this FAQ.

    It is imperative that user units are updated to the latest software, for the 9150 and 9300 this is version 1.00.26, and for the 9200 it is 1.00.23

    Useful links:

    DTG OTA schedule

    Guide to updating via PC

    Humax instructions on how to update

    If your unit locks up before you can access the menus, try removing the aerial feed.

    There are instances on the 9300 whereby the system id has become corrupt, sys id should be 3023.0000 - if yours is wrong then post in the linked thread at the top, and as long as you have the necessary cables to update via PC, one of our forum members should be able to help.

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