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Stuck in Standby/Locking Up & Using Humaxcheck to Recover a Failing File System

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    If the unit is stuck in Standby mode (4 dashes on the display), then you can try the following to resolve:

    1. Power off at the rear
    2. Disconnect Aerial
    3. Switch ON
    4. If the unit can then be switched on carry out a Default setting
    5. When the unit restarts insert the aerial cable so there is signal when the auto search appears


    1. Power off at rear
    2. Hold in Standby button on front of unit
    3. Power ON (with Standby button still held)

    Using Humaxcheck to Recover a Failing File System

    The most likely cause is a minor corruption of the file system which can be repaired without losing anything thanks to the work of forum member xyz321. To fix it you will have to connect the hard drive to a PC either directly to an IDE connector or via a USB to IDE converter. Then download HumaxCheck from

    Open a command prompt, change to the directory where humaxcheck has been unzipped by using the cd command. eg if you unzipped humaxcheck in directory temp\humax then type

    cd temp\humax

    Find the correct drive number by typing:

    humaxcheck 1:

    If the 1: is correct then you should get a list of files if not an error message. If you get an error message try 2:, 3: etc.

    When you are COMPLETELY CERTAIN you have the correct device then type

    humaxcheck x: -d -c -w

    substituting the number you found above for x. Connect the drive back to the 9200 and see if it works. If that fails then try formatting the disk on the PC and then replacing in the 9200. If that fails use a disk wiping utility to completely erase the disk contents. Let us know how you get on.

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