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Audio Video and Recordings

So now that you've managed to transfer recordings off your Humax PVR, what can you do with them and how can you do it? These two questions will be answered in this section of the MyHumax Wiki!

Humax Recordings

Recordings achieved of any of the Humax PVRs are in the standard transport stream (.ts) container (later models record in the BDAV container - m2ts - a variant of the ts format). This means that there are many tools available for you to on various computer platforms so you have lots of options for processing and archiving the programmes you've recorded.


It is desirable to remove adverts from recordings before archiving them to write-once media. Again, there are many programs that can edit .ts files. A free, proven and easy-to-user editing program is HDTVtoMPEG2. You can mark out sections for removal and save the edited file as .ts or MPEG2.

You can download HDTVtoMPEG2 at ViDEOHelp.com, or from here: My Humax AV Utilities Download Page


You can get brief instructions on How to Use HDTVtoMPEG2 on this page.