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FOXSAT-HDR Firmware releases


HPRSFCI 1.00.21

Download v1.00.21

  • Update Date: 27 Jul 2012

Release Notes

  • Fix for 24 Olympic HD channels recording issue.

Download instructions:

1. Extact the ZIP file downloaded 2. Check the file name is “FOXSAT-HDR_upgrade.hdf” (you will not need to rename the file or change the extension) 3. Connect the USB memory stick to the PC and copy the file to a root folder of the USB. 4. Place the product into standby mode (using the STANDBY button on the remote control or the STANDBY button on the front of the product)

Note: The update will not download correctly if you are currently recording

5. Pull out the USB memory stick and connect the USB to the front panel of FOXSAT-HDR. 6. Press and hold the STANDBY button on the front of the product. The product will now start up and the download process should start, please keep the STANDBY button held in for 30 seconds and then release. 7. When the download is completed the Download progress will display “Success Downloading!” 8. To complete the download: a. Power off the product using the power switch at the rear. b. Remove the USB memory stick c. Power on the product using the power switch at the rear. d. Switch the product on using the Standby button on the remote or the Standby button on the front of the product.

Note: If the download does not start then there may be a compatibility issue with the USB memory stick you are using. We recommend using memory sticks of under 1Gb in size. Please do not power off the product or remove the USB memory stick while the update is in progress.



Humax Support

HPRSFCI 1.00.13

  • MHEG improvements
  • Improved Manual Network settings

HPRSFCI 1.00.12

  • Option to hide Adult Genre channels (Menu > Settings > Parental Control)
  • Resolved Genre Search results (EPG > Find)
  • MHEG improvements

HPRSFCI 1.00.11

  • Support for BBC iPlayer service (service availability to be confirmed by freesat please visit www.freesat.co.uk for information on the launch date of the service)
  • Ability to Delete Recorded Programmes from the Media List while recording or playing back.
  • Auto Delete function included (more info)
  • Series folders will be removed when the last recording in the folder is removed.
  • User created folders will be removed when the last recording in the folder is removed if the folder was created prior to the software update. User created folders after the update will not be removed.
  • Resolved ITV HD Schedules disappearing after a freesat channel scan
  • Freesat schedules no longer removed after a Manual Tune.
  • RGB output available via the TV Scart connection on HD content (Live TV and Recordings)
  • Resolved issues playing back encrypted HD content from an external device.
  • Resolved issue with Subtitles appearing when use Time Shift Recording.
  • Resolved issues with Series schedules failing to record.*
  • You are now able to access the Guide while playing back a recording or viewing Live TV without the programme continuing to play.
  • Diagnostic Menu now displays the signal levels for both tuners correctly.
  • NEW icon now appears in the Media List (Simple view) on Folders with new recordings.
  • Resolved Lip-Sync issue resetting after a power cycle.
  • EPG Genre screen now appears in two columns
  • Resolved incorrect character appearing on Postcode in the Diagnostic menu.
  • Resolved lockup issue when recordings 2 TV channels and changing to a Radio channel.
  • Resolved intermittent Lip-sync issue when accessing ITV-HD
  • Changes made to some on screen messages regarding conflicts

Due to the changes in the Foxsat-HDR software some users may experience schedule conflicts when scheduling recordings; this is due to the information being broadcast for some regional channels. Humax are working with freesat to have these issues resolved.

This software version does not allow users to edit Schedules that have been originally created via the Guide (i.e. it is not possible to change the start time, end time, or repeat mode of an EPG create schedule). This will result in an erroneous Date and Time.

It is still possible to create a new schedule via the Schedule list.

Loader U7.53

  • Resolves issues during the Installation Wizard when using a DiSEqC switch.

HPRSFCI 1.00.03

  • Includes Improved Over The Air (OTA) download support.
  • Allows future Foxsat-HD and Foxsat-HDR OTA downloads to be broadcast simultaneously.
  • ITV HD recording improvements.
  • Resolved OAD failure when using 1 satellite feed.
  • Resolved listings on Customisable channels.
  • MHEG improvements
  • Improved Manual Network settings

HPRFSCI 1.00.02

  • After a channel scan, ITV HD scheduled timers disappear
  • Schedules are deleted on the first scan for non-freesat channels
  • External drives formatted in Linux EXT2 filesystem does not work
  • Diagnostic plate shows information for just one tuner - not both separately
  • Postcode on the Diagnostic plate can have the last letter is missing, or an extra at the end

HPRFSCI 1.00.01

  • Factory installed