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If you don't want to perform the eSATA modification as described on this wiki, and just want to upgrade the internal 320Gb hard disk with something bigger, then this is the page for you!

Opening the HDR

Warning! opening the HDR voids the warranty.

  • Peel off the warranty sticker underneath the box. (Not present on all units)
  • Using Philips screwdriver, remove the three screws at the back that are holding the lid to the body.
  • Pull the lid back slightly and lift away.
  • Locate the SATA connection to the motherboard and disconnect.
  • Locate the power connection of the HDD to the motherboard and disconnect.
  • Locate the back hard disk enclosure and the screws holding it to the motherboard.
  • Unscrew the enclosure from the motherboard.
  • Locate the SATA and power connection to the HDD and disconnect.
  • Locate the screws hold the HDD to the enclosure, and unscrew and then remove.
  • Put the new HDD in place and reconnect all leads, screw on the HDD to the enclosure.
  • Replace the enclosure and screw it back to the motherboard making sure to trap the red earthing wire to the metal chassis under one of the screws.
  • Reconnect the power and SATA cables to the motherboard.

What type of hard disk drive?

These are the hard disk drives that have been known to work in the HDR, from users reports:

  • Western Digital 1Tb WD10EVCS
  • Western Digital 1Tb WD10EADS - replaces the EACS
  • Western Digital 1Tb WD10EVVS - designed for AV
  • Western Digital 1Tb WD10EVDS - designed for AV, large 32M cache
  • Samsung Spinpoint 1Tb F1 HD103UJ
  • Samsung Spinpoint 1Tb F1 HD103SI
  • Seagate 1Tb Barracuda ST31000340AS
  • Seagate 1Tb Pipeline HD ST31000533CS

Format Drive on Boot

The FOXSAT-HDR can automatically format drives upto 1TB in size.