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How to Use HDTVtoMPEG2

Convert .ts to .mpeg using HDTVtoMPEG2

  • Start up HDTVtoMPEG2 and click on the Add button to choose the .ts file you wish to convert (1).
  • Once selected the path of the file appears in the box below the Add button (1). To the right of this box is the process area showing the Channel and PID of the recorded programme it can detect from the transport stream (2). Usually NONAME is displayed and the primary video and audio tracks are selected. If you find that there is no picture or audio after the conversion, you will probably try again selecting the alternative video or audio.


  • Below the filename box is the Output File Name and details (3). Select the type of output you want by selecting it from the Type pulldown list. Select MPEG2 here. Change the Max Size number to 99999 unless you want to limit the output file size and split it across several files. The output file location can be chosen by clicking on the ... button below the Clips button.
  • If you want to edit the programme, then use the edit controls in area (4). A preview screen is shown along with all the necessary button and a slider below the bar indicator.
  • The marker should be right at the start when you begin. **You move the marker by using the slider button**. Slide it to the start of where you want to exclude the section (the whole file is included initially and shows up green). Use the |<<, <60, <10, etc button below the slider to skip to the start, skip 60 secs, 10 sec, and by frame to get to the position more acurrately. Click on the **Exclude** button to start excluding an area, move the slider again to the end of the exclusion area and click on the Include button. Once you have repeatedly done this to exclude periods of the recording you do not want, you should have areas of green and red on you indicator bar showing you what sections of the recording will be converted and what won't.
  • Click on the Process button (2) to start the conversion. The following window should appear while the program is converting to show you its progress.


  • Once done you should have a .mpg file in the location you have chosen.