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Humax PVR 9200TB Original Specifications



  • Most popular Freeview DTR (Digital Television Recorder) in the UK
  • Twin Digital Tuner, can record 2 channels whilst viewing a third (from the same multiplex see http://www.humaxdigital.com/uk/support/faq.asp#rc)
  • Pause live TV and rewind live TV
  • One touch recording from 8 day programme guide
  • Tape-less record and playback (Max 200 hrs on 320GB hard drive)
  • USB 2.0 port for connecting to your computer to archive your favourite programmes to DVD
  • Dolby 5.1 optical output
  • Common interface slot for Pay TV (requires separate CAM (not supplied))
  • Automatic software update, to ensure the latest digital features are available
  • Records subtitles with the ability to view or hide them during playback
  • Auto-padding ensures you never miss the beginning and end of a programme
  • Chase play enables you to watch a programme from the beginning whilst still recording the end
  • Freeview Playback Certified

Digital Television Recorder (DTR)

  • 100 Hours Recording (160GB hard disc)
  • Single button live pause and play during A/V watching (Time shifted Recording)
  • Fast Forward/Rewind in various speeds and Slow Motion
  • Instant Replay and Skip during A/V watching
  • One touch sound scheduling in EPG information
  • Digital Radio Recording/Variable instant recording

Digital Terrestrial Set-Top Box

  • MPEG2 Digital and Fully DVB- T Compliant
  • Common interface for play TV
  • Digital Teletext (MHEG5 support) *(UK only)
  • RF modulator/Twin scarts (Scart cable included)
  • Dolby digital 5.1 optical output
  • One year manufacturer guarantee
  • 200 channel storage
  • 5 favorite groups
  • Subtitle supports EBU & DVB subtitle
  • Teletext supports by VBI insertion
  • Dolby Digital Audio Output
  • Automatic Software Update
  • Various Games

General Features

  • MPEG-2 Digital and fully DVB-T compliant Digital teletext (MHEG-5)
  • Up to 200 receivable channels
  • Dolby Digital audio output
  • Video format in 4:3, 16:9 and letterbox
  • PAL/NTSC compliant
  • User friendly 8 day EPG
  • 5 favourite channel groups
  • Personal video recording of up to 100 hours through 160GB HDD
  • Record radio facility
  • Will record 50 single events
  • Slow motion forward and backwards in various speeds

Plug and Play

  • Easy install
  • HUMAX special tuner has just 1 signal input

Twin Tuner

  • Record two channels whilst watching live TV or play-back
  • Picture in picture to see 2 programmes on 1 screen

USB 2.0

  • USB 2.0 connectivity for PC
  • MPEG A/V file transfer between Duovisio and PC
  • Digital photo album and slide show
  • MP3 player
  • Free CD of PC application ‘Media e-linkers’