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Remote Control RM-F01 OK Button Erratic Operation

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    Has anyone managed to open up Remote Control RM-F01 without breaking anything, there appears to be no screws available? Perhaps someone can tell me the positions of the internal clips that are obviously holding it together. (OK button operation very erratic). Mine is only 2 years old and I am presumimg it needs some internal cleaning. I don't see why I should have to purchase a new one already at around £23! Many thanks for any helpful suggestions.

    Sun 18 Dec 2011 10:32:29 #1 |
  2. Barry


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    Welcome to the Forum

    Someone posted this on DS a while ago now:

    1. Remove batteries (no, there aren't any screws to remove!) You can snap the battery door back shut again as it doesn't need to be off to get the main case apart. (but you do need the batteries out so that the springs release easily)
    2. Find yourself a small very thin penknife blade (I used a Swiss Army Knife one - the smallest blade)
    3. Without the knife, just get hold of the remote with both hands at each end and twist it back and forth to make sure it will flex.
    4. The indents are on the top plate at regular intervals. The "hooks" are on the side of the base. You just need to find the first one to spring...
    5. Holding the remote horizontally, i/r window to the left (I'm right handed) with the side of the remote facing you, peak over the top and draw an imaginary line across the remote towards you from the top of the "OPT+" button.
    6. Where this "line" comes over the edge, place the point of your knife in the join and push in with a firm pressure. You should hear a click and the case will start to part...
    7. Quickly put your thumbnail in the opening and twist... The next catch is about 6cm up on that side (line across the "MEDIA" & "GUIDE" buttons.
    8. Once you get these two open, the rest are relatively plain sailing. They are ALL the same, all the way round; even at the ends. Pressure on the top plate inside the gap releases them. The bottom compartment is over them.
    9. Remember that everything is carried by the upper plate (the circuit board and button rubber is lightly clipped to it); including the battery springs which should lift out of their holders as you prise the cases apart.
    10. Voila! One Humax remote disassembled.

    Putting it back together is simpler, you just need to remember to assemble everything into the top plate (under the latches either end for the circuit board) and then offer up the battery springs first as you place the two halves together...

    Sun 18 Dec 2011 10:36:09 #2 |
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    Martin Liddle

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    micrex - 4 minutes ago  » 
    Has anyone managed to open up Remote Control RM-F01 without breaking anything, there appears to be no screws available?

    Not quite what you want but there is a guide to opening the RM-F04 remote at hte wiki on

    Sun 18 Dec 2011 10:39:40 #3 |
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    Thanks for the very prompt and helpful suggestions; will keep you posted on how it goes!

    Sun 18 Dec 2011 10:50:35 #4 |
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    Get Go

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    May be too late, but I had a similar problem with my ok button. It was very unresponsive. I open up the remote and cleaned the circuit board with isopropyl alcohol. I was surprised how much it improved it.

    Tue 20 Dec 2011 17:22:39 #5 |
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    Many thanks to Barry & Martin Liddle for their tips and links as below, as now I have a fully working RM-F01 remote control once again.

    Referring to the exploded photo’s at the wiki mentioned earlier yes the internals of both units RM-F01 and RM-F04 are very similar but not identical. I used two quite small very thin bladed knives to open the unit and after thorough cleaning of the internal parts it is now working perfectly. The inside seemed to have had a little fine black dust around the PCB contact points. I washed the casing shells and the button rubber sheet in warm soapy water, and then dried them thoroughly of course. The PCB button ‘fingers’, (photo contact points I cleaned with Isopropanol on a soft cloth. The ‘waffle’ looking (photo 9) button contact points I cleaned thoroughly with a little Isopropanol on an old clean toothbrush. The OK button ‘waffle’ seemed to be particularly dirty, (probably as it gets most use), which now seems to have been the main reason for the very erratic operation.

    If someone is not too familiar in doing something similar I think it is worth my mentioning a couple of points.

    1. The PCB edge is very close to the points where the knives are inserted to open the casing, so be careful not too push them in too far as the board could be easily damaged.
    2. When handling the PCB be careful not to touch the board printed circuit or the on board chip with bare fingers as I would be a bit concerned that ones body static may damage the chip. I am not sure how static tolerant chips are these days; it used to be a problem some years ago, where static could destroy electronic chips. Of course if one earth’s themselves, (I do it by touching the bare steel frame of my PC that happens to have the cover off), then there is no problem.

    Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!


    Sat 24 Dec 2011 7:28:44 #6 |
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    Get Go

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    Good to hear you got sorted.
    In my previous post I included a link that had photos of the inside the Foxsat HDR's remote control, which may have helped. Unfortunately for some strange reason when I came back here the link had been removed !!!

    The link was over to I hope it wasn't removed for such a petty reason as being on a different forum! On that forum I linked back to this forum post, [so what goes around comes around]

    Any way here is the link again for anyone else who's interested:

    And here it is manually re-written in case there's some automatic removal script.


    Tue 27 Dec 2011 14:01:47 #7 |
  8. Peterkw


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    Barry - thanks for saving me a fortune. I had problems with my remote OK button. Followed your advice and it is now working as good as new. I registered so I could thank you. Now I ve got to see if I can find out info on why my Humax isn't upgrading and locking up.

    Thanks again Peter

    Sat 15 Jun 2013 16:48:51 #8 |
  9. Barry


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    Peter, Thank you for the comments and welcome to the Forum

    Feel free to start a new thread with your issues if you do not overcome them yourself.

    Sat 15 Jun 2013 20:28:01 #9 |
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    I've been wanting to open it up and clean it for ages as I too had an intermittent 'OK' button that was driving us both mad but couldn't see a way to get it apart without damaging it. So thanks Barry for the perfect instructions - it works like new now.

    Mon 16 Sep 2013 16:40:09 #10 |

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