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2000T Playing up in hot weather

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    My 2000T missed a recording and also became unresponsive to remote control and also front panel power switch. Just froze state. Did a power off/on and came back but then stuck again with no front panel light red or blue lit. Left the unit unplugged all night and seems to have recovered. I remember a software fix early on to quiet the fan. Maybe slower fan can't cope with exceptional heat we are currently having in UK right now. Reliability is becoming annoying as seem to need power off/on to keep working. Anyone else suffering same?

    Mon 9 Jul 2018 18:15:13 #1 |
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    All I feel is that the product was never right. Mine has just taken four reboots to recognise the media function button. The sound issue seems to have been resolved with the update but theres something about that motherboard that just isnt right. Its always freezing if I go several steps into the system menu which again just cant be right

    Ive plodded on with mine but have never really been a satisfied owner. I have reception issues at the moment and the tuners in the 2000T are more prone to shut down with a weaker signal than the TV is

    It could be other factors but I dont have full confidence that anything is not the pvr box itself. I voided my warranty by sorting out its noise issues and I often ask myself why I have stuck with it

    Wed 11 Jul 2018 15:37:12 #2 |
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    Last few days my T2000 has required a prolonged power disconnect twice to get it restarted, even now it is a bit cooler indoors.
    On the latest occassion it came back alive, I deselected power saving on standby option. I will see if that changes anything, except my electricity bill.
    Can anyone explain what is kept on (other than RF loop through)when deselected. i.e. is HDD running all the time?

    Thu 12 Jul 2018 16:51:29 #3 |

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