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5000T - so slow its borderline unusable?

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    Nothing helped. The thing is just a dog. It's going back.

    Spoken to JL, no problem returning for a refund.

    Cleaning up the box (format & reset) before sending back summed it up perfectly. Even the reset with format didn't work properly first time. Personally, I just think the whole UI is just badly coded and horribly inefficient. As I say, if a cheapo Rasp Pi can be turned into one, there is no excuse for a £200+ specialized device to be this bad.

    Been using the T2 since yesterday. If the 5000T ran at a similar pace, I'd have been happy. Lots of functionality (even if a lot of it is very buggy) is fine. But not at the expense of making the whole user experience so bad. I mean, a second hand, cost me £40, over 5 years old, box from the same people is putting it well and truly in the shade.

    A shame really.

    Thu 13 Jun 2019 18:09:41 #11 |
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    I'm greatly indebted to you, GrahamRHK.

    I just shut down my 5000-T's ethernet connection and the box is much better now. I'd half-considered trying this on a few occasions but since I never use the internet apps these days I just assumed that they couldn't be making much difference. No doubt every app was transmitting data about my TV usage 24/7, like any self-respecting iPhone app.

    Recently, my 5000-T slowed down considerably - but in such small increments that I hardly noticed. Now, with the ethernet plug yanked out of my BT Home Hub it's a lot more usable, although it still won't be winning any speed competitions. I have BT Infinity, which is supposedly their fastest package, but it's not great.

    So, after my initial whinge I should emphasise that I bought a Humax box with reliability as my no 1 criterion and it's never let me down. Every day dozens of news programmes are faultlessly recorded (I need them for my work) and after my experience with other PVR brands that struggled to record a single programme at a time, I'm extremely glad that I chose the 5000-T.

    Thu 13 Jun 2019 19:18:18 #12 |
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    I've had my 5000 almost 2 years and I'll be the first to admit to it's shortcomings but I don't recognize a lot of ColinMcC experiences.

    Thu 13 Jun 2019 19:20:18 #13 |
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    Taking it offline did improve it. But not to a point I deem acceptable.

    The standard EPG would still lag up. Badly. Ditto changing channels. Recordings area is horrible. And the way it orders shows makes it worse. It's all just horribly slow and badly designed. With a load of apps set up, unusable. They bring it to it's knees and kill it completely.

    Which ruined the point of it being an all-in-one-bucket device. Which is what it's marketed as. And what I wanted it for. It's supposed to be the Sky+ box of Freeview. Having had Sky and Virgin in the past, the 5000T is miles off!

    I wanted recording (check), catch-up all in one place (fail), reliable (well, check I suppose), remote access (fail), ability to stream to other devices (90% fail). And it not to be horrible to use (massive fail). I wasn't expecting as good as the pay TV boxes, but better than the klunker I got!

    Looking at that list, vs a price of £220, it's not great. And I tried, I bought it 17 May. So I've given it almost a month, but enough is enough.

    Maybe mine was a dud? I don't know. But it felt too poor to make me even want to try another one. Not at that price tag. At least JL are happy for you to simply say you hate it and they'll accept the return!

    The T2 is OK though. Not had any trouble with it so far except a little channel drop on COM8 when we were under that horrible weather system yesterday. And it's fast. And it seems to record OK. More limited, yes, but it does enough for me. It only cost £40! And I haven't even put the custom firmware on it yet.

    Thu 13 Jun 2019 22:53:57 #14 |

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