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Converting radio recordings to MP3

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    I have been having a play today and found how to copy radio programme recordings to my laptop to convert them to MP3 format and put them on my MP3 player, something which I have long been used to doing with my Topfield 5800:-

    1) Use the Browse Media Files in Raydon's web interface to download the recordings to my laptop;

    2) Do a global rename of the files on the laptop from *.ts to *.rec;

    3) Run the batch file utility REC2MP3 (available from the Toppy user site) to convert the files to MP3 format;

    4) Synchronise to the MP3 player (I use Windows Media Player) as normal.

    I did try MPEGStreamclip to do the conversion but this choked on the *.ts files and produced a very odd output file.

    I have edited the standard REC2MP3 batch file to add a REN *.ts *rec command and to remove the PAUSE which was needing me to hit Enter after converting every file.

    Hope this helps someone, somewhere. For me it now means I can send my Toppy off to have some TLC by having the capacitors replaced on the PSU and still not miss my daily dose of Radcliffe and Maconie.

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