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Does an AV receiver not like a Humax Foxsat HDR ?

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    I have a FOX SAT FREESAT+ HD Recorder with 320GB hard drive that has worked very well in the past year and I've recently bought a new Pioneer VSX - S300 AV HD receiver.

    Rather than plugging the Humax box directly into the TV via HDMI lead, I wanted to use the AV receiver in order to watch with 5.1 sound, i plugged the HDMI from the Humax into the Pioneer unit as you're able to enter 4 HDMI inputs and only have one HDMI going out to the TV.

    The problem I've got though is every so often the signal drops out from the Pioneer box, only for a second or two and then comes back on and it's really annoying. Having assumed it was a fault with my new Pioneer box, i ran a few tests using my Blueray player and PS3 via HDMI leads and neither one of those dropped it's signal at all. I emailed Pioneer anyway and they stated that if there was an HDMI signal failure in their box, it would affect all of their inputs and not just one individual.

    So can you advise if this a common fault or whether the box will need a repair, etc.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    | Sun 15 Apr 2012 21:41:29 #1 |
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    My Foxsat is routed through a Yamaha RX-V367, which has 4 HDMI inputs, and works fine.

    From your description I would assume your Pioneer works similar to the Yamaha.

    Hopefully others will be along to give their set-up too.

    | Sun 15 Apr 2012 21:47:30 #2 |
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    My Denon AV amps predates HDMI so my Foxsat is connected direct to the TV and with an optical audio connection to the AV amp (via a switch). No problems with sound drop outs. The one problem I do have is that often the Auto setting on the amp fails to recognise when the audio changes from or to DD5.1 so I have to manually toggle that setting to force a re-recognition of the audio format.

    | Sun 15 Apr 2012 22:01:05 #3 |
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    I have a Pioneer VSX421 surround amp connected just as you want to - it passes the hdmi signal from my Foxsat HDR to my pioneer plasma.

    It works perfectly... My only suggestion would be to play with the hdmi cables as they are surprising fickle! I had similar issues with my appletv with one particular hdmi lead - although it works fine with the humax...


    | Sat 21 Apr 2012 0:50:29 #4 |
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    I have my Pioneer connected via spdif and I get sound drop outs for a second when I switch output between TV and projector as the Humax re-negotiates the hdmi connection.

    I'd try a few more tests first.
    See if you can work out exactly when it happens. In the past C4 have forgotten to switch 5.1 back on after an advert break, so does it happen during a programme change or advert break, does it happen when the blu-ray or ps3 goes into standby or wakes up to check for new software. Do you have auto-switching set to on for TV and/or Receiver.

    Try having the Pioneer connected to the first hdmi input of your TV, with nothing else connected, have only the FoxSat connected to the first input of the Pioneer with nothing else connected (no lead connected to hdmi 2,3,4) and if you still get drop outs half way through a programme with nothing else being switched or going on and you've tried different hdmi leads then I could only imagine it'll be the Pioneer.
    I'm sure though you'll find it'll be some auto-switching/hand-shaking/hdmi-hdcp rubbish going on in the background and not the Pioneer or the Humax. See if you can figure out exactly when it's happening and double check all the settings

    | Sat 21 Apr 2012 12:15:41 #5 |

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