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external HD/usb format issue

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    Kharl should consider the up to date Blue-ray and the older DVD-Video formats. Pretty well any media playing software can play back the Mpeg2 compressed contained in the sidecar VOB files specified in the DVD-Video file and folder structure and the H264/AVC files used on a blu-ray disc.

    The navigation and extras required like chapters alternate audio options require the use of other files just like the original Foxsat-HDR. If anything the Foxsat was ahead of it's time.

    There is a lot more involved in just replaying a compressed video file than just replaying the content.

    A more advanced player will allow complete playback of the content with all the original menus and options intact. A common format for these image files is a .iso file.

    Windows 10 has built in capability to mount such files (including Blu-ray without any optical drive connected to a PC).

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