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Foxsat-HDR and remote ADB 1.0

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    I have a Foxsat-HDR and using a remote which has a label inside ' ADB 1.0 '

    I have it programmed to operate both the Foxsat-HDR unit itself + DVD + Audio.

    Since having to buy a new TV to replace my old Philips, I have tried to programme it to control (via the TV button) my LG 40LF630V, to at least get volume control.

    As the Foxsat is now 9 years old I find that none of the 3 digit codes in the manual work (even those downloaded from Humax are not any use)

    LG website or support any use either.

    So big question - does anyone know of any newer 3 digit codes that might help me programme my remote to control my LG TV?

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