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    After our FVP4000T seemed to die I tried our old FOXSAT HDR/GB/500GB which hadn't been used for two years, I plugged it in and it didn't work, I can't now recall the first error but I tried factory settings and a retune but it can't see a signal at all.
    I tried swapping satellite cables over 1->2, 2->1 but no change. Is there anything inside repairable? I can do PTH soldering though not Surface mount.
    Strangely it sometimes asks for the postcode which was correct but it says 'invalid post code' I deleted and re-entered, even trying a different post code for an address round the corner it also gave an error. Various fiddling does get me past that. But it won't exit the main? menu that has the four symbols down the left as 'no channels set' or similar words.

    n.b. This is the first time I've used the satellite dish we had fitted last year, so there could be a problem with LNB or cabling but installers did a good job with the aerial and did test the satellite signal so I doubt it.

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    I would suspect either a LNB or cable fault.
    The first thing to do would be to take the Foxsat around to a friend who has Sky or freesat and connect there. Do the installation there and return home.

    A second option is to exit the setup and enter non-freesat mode. It is possible but I do not remember how. A non-freesat tune would tell you if any channels are being received, rather than the single horizontally polarised channel it is looking for after the reset.

    Wed 15 May 2019 7:07:13 #2 |
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    It turned out that the PVR was fine.
    The dish installers came back and fixed the dish. It was a different engineer I think he only adjusted the dish. He wasn't very complimentary about his colleagues original work.

    Wed 12 Feb 2020 23:19:26 #3 |

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