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Freeview PVR for a longtime Foxsat-HDR user

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    This is my first site post.

    I am a longtime user of the Foxsat-HDR with the Media & File Server Bundle custom firmware. I have been incredibly happy and grateful for all the hard work and effort that provided me access to the web interface and related functionality, especially the SSH, remote scheduling and NAS mount.

    The box continues to work solidly but I now need to consider moving to Freeview for my PVR as my new house is listed and putting up a dish may not meet listed planning (and spousal) approval.

    I have been looking at the FVP-5000 and FVP-4000 boxes (which seem pretty much identical to each other, coloured LEDs aside). Access to the catch-up, Netflix and Youtube apps isn't an issue for me as I run a a Chromecast already. Streaming recordings from the box to local clients looks interesting.

    I see various other Humax Freeview / Youview boxes for sale secondhand, including the T2 which I think was the Foxsat-HDR equivalent at the time of release, and I'm sure they all have positive and negative points.

    Does anyone have any personal recommendations for me so I don't miss my Raydon + Foxsat wonderland too much?


    Tue 8 Jan 2019 12:02:40 #1 |
  2. grahamlthompson


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    Get a used HDR-FOX-T2 and add the excellent custom firmware also available for this box.

    Tue 8 Jan 2019 17:16:20 #2 |
  3. Trev


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    The T2 with custom firmware is the only one that will enable you to do the same sort of stuff that you can do on the FoxSat (and more).

    Wed 9 Jan 2019 0:25:08 #3 |
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    I have now bought a T2 500GB on Ebay and successfully flashed the custom firmware - looks familiar and new at the same time (more functionality than the Foxsat-HDR custom firmware).

    Keeping my eyes out for a Seagate pipeline 2TB drive to upgrade or maybe I will set up a new NAS.

    Thank you all for your help

    Tue 15 Jan 2019 16:31:07 #4 |

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