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    For Christmas replaced our old Humax which used a video sender with a FVP5000 and a H3 box. Have a number of questions on the use of the FVP, all of which relates to when I use it with the H3 only.

    1. Can you delete a recording you have watched using the H3? At present I cant find this and end up waiting until I can go back to the FVP5000 and delete from there.

    2. Can you set the FVP5000 to record programs through the H3?

    3. On a number of occassions the playback freezes on the H3 and its difficult to get it to resume. Sometimes the freezing affects other playbacks, sometimes other programmes will work. No set pattern to this (eg:- it doesnt always do it if the recording as more than a certain length). Is this soemthing to do with the use/settings, or something as simple as the freezing is because of the traffic going through the wireless router

    | Wed 3 Jan 2018 14:55:50 #1 |
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    Welcome to our Forum

    1. No

    2. Yes, whilst watching a live channel press the OK then down arrow, highlight Guide, press OK.

    Highlight programme in guide you want to record and press OK...note only one shot/single timers can be set ie you cannot set a series timer.

    3. Could be traffic...

    | Wed 3 Jan 2018 16:06:25 #2 |

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