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FVP5000T - Copying SD / Radio to Windows7 PC

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    So, been having an issue with windows10 pc not wanting to copy across some radio recordings. It comes up with an error message which may have something to do size of recording?! (according to google!) Anyway, Win10 pc is off doing some updates so I thought I'd have a look at my win7 pc.

    So, transferring via Samba doesn't work for win7?
    Can I copy the recordings via FTP?
    Will that take forever?

    How do I copy via ftp.

    (I know how to get the command window up and the IP address of my FVP-5000T, and how to turn on the FTP server on the FVP-5000T but not completely how to connect from my Win7 PC, or how to copy the files across.

    I've tried:
    ftp <ip address>
    User: anonymous
    Password: email address
    ftp> ls
    and I get the message:
    500 PORT/EPRT (Active Mode/Extended Active Mode) is not supported. use PASV/EPSV instead of this
    425 unable to build data connection: Connection refused.

    I don't know enough about Active/Passive mode nor enough ftp commands.

    Will hope my win10 PC starts to behave itself again!

    Sun 30 Dec 2018 16:04:40 #1 |
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    Don't bother with the FTP, it will not deal with the encryption. Windows 7 does not have the necessary version of Samba that supports encryption/decryption during transfer so as far as I understand it there is no way of transferring files to a Windows 7 PC for playback on the PC or elsewhere. This does not stop you from watching your recordings on a Windows 7 PC by streaming them directly from the Humax media server as the decryption is done by the Humax box prior to streaming.

    Sun 30 Dec 2018 17:33:19 #2 |
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    Thanks for the info.

    I would only be using the windows7 pc to transfer recordings. Rather watch recordings on TV, but like to have radio recordings on my phone if I go out for a walk.

    My windows10 pc seems to have had a change of heart and is behaving itself again

    Sun 30 Dec 2018 18:04:00 #3 |

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