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Glossary of Common Abbreviations and Acronyms

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    Commonly used abbreviations/acronyms on the forums

    AFAIK as far as I know
    AKA also known as
    ATM At the Moment
    BTW by the way
    CAM conditional access module (for pay TV- also needs card)
    CI common interface
    CRID content reference identifier
    CRT cathode ray tube
    DTT digital terrestrial television
    DTR Digital Television Recorder (Freeview Playback compliant recorder)
    DVB Digital Video Broadcasting
    DVB-C Digital Cable TV
    DVB-S Digital Satellite TV
    DVB-T Digital Terrestrial TV (Freeview)
    DVB-T2 Second Generation DVB-T enabling HD
    DVDR DVD recorder
    EIT p/f Event Information Table present/future
    EPG electronic program guide
    FAQ frequently asked questions
    FWIW for what it's worth
    GUI Graphical User Interface
    HD High Definition
    HDD/DVDR combined hard drive recorder and DVD recorder
    HTH hope this helps
    IANAL I am not a lawyer
    IIRC if I remember correctly
    IMHO in my humble opinion
    IME in my experience
    IR infra red
    ISTBC I Stand To Be Corrected
    LCD liquid crystal display
    LOL laughing out loud
    MPEG Moving Picture Experts Group (responsible for setting encoding standards)
    MUX multiplex
    OP original poster
    OT off topic
    OTA over the air
    PIP picture in picture
    PVR personal video recorder (the hummy is one)
    RGB red green and blue (different colour signals are sent separately for better quality)
    RF radio frequency (typically refers to the aerial in or out connectors)
    ROFL rolling on floor laughing
    TS transport stream (the type of file recorded on the hummy)

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