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HDR 2000T Weird Distortion On Menus and Video

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    Have a problem with my HDR 2000t. Its years and years old. The last few years it has not had an aerial connected to it. Purely been using it to store and play on tv mp4 videos downloaded from the internet.

    Last night I turned it on and the picture was distorted. Not just when it was showing a video but the actual menus it was distorted on too. I thought it was the HDMI cable so changed that and then I then took out the hdmi lead in the back of my Humax Freesat box which was working fine and plugged that into the back of the 2000t but it was exactly the same. Tried turning it on and off. Disconnecting the power for a few minutes. No luck.

    So I decided to move all the files to an external hard drive and left it on all night so it could do this. This morning turned the TV to it to see if all had been copied and it was back to normal! No screen problems at all.

    Wondered if anyone knew why it would do this and should I be worried and start thinking about replacing it? Thanks in advance if anyone has an ideas. Took some photos below to show what it was doing. It was bizarre. It was more strange expremential video than distorted.


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