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How does Raydon's firmware impact existings recs?

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    I have a FOXSAT full of BBC London 2012 Olympic games recordings. I want to back those files up, preferably removing copy protection so I can play them anywhere.

    If I applied Raydon's firmware, will it retrospectively remove the copy protection on the existing BBC recordings from 2012?

    What's the best order to go about this? Is it say,
    1. Update FOXSAT firmware with Raydon first
    2. then Backup 2012 recordings to External hard drive

    or am I best backing up first before making the firmware update?


    | Mon 1 Aug 2016 9:32:45 #1 |
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    Other than being able to copy recordings direct to a PC it has no effect. Can't discuss removing copy protection and encryption here. It is not possible to decrypt existing encrypted recordings on a Foxsat-HDR (HD ones). No problem with SD ones which are not encrypted on the hard disk.

    | Mon 1 Aug 2016 10:02:29 #2 |

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