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How to fix hard drive and file system problems

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    This FAQ describes the usage of the Custom Firmware to attempt to correct file system problems and some minor hard disk faults on the HDR-FOX T2.

    The Custom Firmware is an add on to the standard firmware developed by an independent group of software developers who are not employed by or connected to Humax. The Custom Firmware does not affect the user interface of the box in normal operation but can be used to expand the functionality in various ways. The software exists because the HDR-Fox T2 uses a Linux kernel and various other pieces of Open Source software which requires Humax to make available source code for certain parts of the software.

    The types of problems that can occur and may be correctable with the custom firmware include:

    Box stuck in a loop saying "Deleting" on screen
    Unable to access list of recorded media
    Recordings apparently being made but not appearing in media list
    Programs OK when watched live but breaking up when recorded

    Clearly there are no guarantees of success but many people have reported successfully fixing problems without undue effort and retaining their recordings. The only realistic alternative is to attempt to format the drive from the Humax on screen menus; this will fix some problems but will always result in the deletion of all recordings.

    There are three steps to the process. Firstly you need to download and install the Custom Firmware. This can be downloaded from

    There are a number of versions to choose from but at the time of writing I would suggest

    There is a guide to installing the custom firmware at

    Note that it is not necessary to install the full web interface to correct disk faults.

    Next you need to Telnet into the box. Please don't panic at this stage. There is a very helpful guide at

    Note that the final black screen now has a difference appearance which is described in the next step.

    Finally you need to run the program that actually attempts to analyse and fix any problems with the hard drive and the file system; the program is called fix-disk. Again there is a guide at

    Note that the process can take many hours to run and depending on the nature of the problem may require some manual intervention; if in doubt to questions answer by pressing "y" and the Enter key.

    Good luck. Corrections and suggestions for improvements to this FAQ welcome.

    Acknowledgements: I have had no involvement in the development of the Custom Firmware or the writing of the documentation. Any praise or thanks should be directed to those who have done the hard work. The principal developers go by the user names af123, raydon and xyz321; the principal documenters go by the user names Ezra Pound and Black Hole. The best place to contact these people is at

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