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Humax HDR-2000T keeps rebooting itself

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    I purchased a NEW Humax HDR 2000T PVR last week. The initial setup proceeded without problem and the record/playback function appeared to work OK. However a couple of days later the unit does not appear to be working properly - after watching a channel (or a recording) for a short time the screen goes black and the unit appears to reboot itself (the Humax logo screen appears followed shortly after by the selected TV channel). This happens every couple of minutes and makes it impossible to use the unit. Is the unit is faulty or have I set it up incorrectly - I didn't do anything other than what was described in the setup instructions provided.

    Mon 1 Apr 2019 1:00:47 #1 |
  2. Trev


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    Then take it back as faulty and see if the 'new' one does the same.

    Mon 1 Apr 2019 8:11:48 #2 |
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    I don't think there is anything in the setting up procedure that can be done that wrong that would lead to this problem. Follow Trev's advice and return the box - it is faulty.
    If you really want to give it a second chance, go through the procedure Humax would tell you to do if you contacted them - Do a full factory reset (including format hard disk).

    Mon 1 Apr 2019 9:44:45 #3 |
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    Thanks - it will go back.

    Mon 1 Apr 2019 10:54:49 #4 |
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    Yep welcome to the joys of the 2000. Mine will do it when coming out of the internet section sometimes.

    Its a product thats never been right. I kept it for certain reasons but I should have taken it back.

    Take it back and my advice is dont get the 1800 or the 2000 again. You will probably have to go for the 4000 or another manufacturer

    Wed 3 Apr 2019 20:49:06 #5 |

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