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I Get Com Port Error Or Com Port In Use When I Try To Upgrade Software

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    I Get Com Port Error Or Com Port In Use When I Try To Upgrade Software by Serial Port

    I get Com Port Error or Com Port in Use when I try to upgrade software.

    This can be common if there is PDA or mobile phone synchronisation software installed on the PC.
    It is caused by the synchronisation software having installed a module which stays resident in memory in order to check for a device being connected.
    How this needs to be disabled depends upon the particular software involved.

    For Active Sync for Windows Mobile and Pocket PC Phones or PDAs:
    click the Active Sync icon in the tray area and click on connection settings or open Active Sync from the start menu and from the file menu select connection settings.
    Make sure that the third option - Allow Connections to One of the Following is unchecked (the Com port in the drop down box should be greyed out)

    For Nokia PC Suite
    Press Ctrl-Alt Del and if any of the following are shown in running Applications or Processes then click to highlight and then click 'End Task' for each in turn.


    For other synchronisation software, follow a similar procedure to one of the methods above.

    Finally try connecting again.
    If the PC is reset you will have to follow the above procedure again.

    Note If you are also using a USB-Serial adapter the COM port must be in the range COM1: - COM4:. This can be found by going into device manager (control panel -> system ->ports)and selecting properties for the device. From there the COM port can be altered to within range - select the port settings tab and click on Advanced and alter the COM Port to an unused one in range.

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