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Is Newk function not working correctly?

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    So... I've been running a custom firmware enabled Humax HDR Fox T2 box since about July 2017. It's on 3.13 custom with the base 1.03.12 Humax firmware underneath. Upgraded to a 4TB Western Digital AV-GP harddrive just after I got it, which is working perfectly and even after running for 18 months was only half full until I cleared the backlog recently.

    Only problem is, I've configured my Newk package to remove the following :-

    New series.
    Brand new series

    The first and last entries are similar/identical as I assumed it's just a standard underscore however a load of things in the main My Videos list (series folders and standalone episodes without a folder) weren't getting renamed. And so it remains. Some stuff has been there for months and it's not getting renamed on boot which I find odd.

    Any tips please?

    Thu 31 Jan 2019 23:28:01 #1 |
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    zeke - 2 hours ago  » 
    Any tips please?

    Ask on the forum which specialises in the custom firmware for the HDR-FOX T2 and presumably you downloaded the custom firmware from in the first place?

    Fri 1 Feb 2019 2:05:18 #2 |

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