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Losing 2nd LNB input

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    I have had my Foxsat for a few years and recently I am experiencing the same problem.
    Typical is this morning when I was recording a programme. I found I was unable to tune in to any other channels getting a no signal message. After the recording had ended I went in to the menu “Diagnosis” and saw that my second lnb input was showing nothing which explained the problem.
    Anyway, I switched off the box, waited and then switched it back on again. When the reboot had taken place both inputs were now back.
    Now for my questions! Does this indicate a fault at the box or is rebooting doing something at the LNB to switch the second input back on somehow?

    | Sun 1 Mar 2020 11:36:23 #1 |
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    You have posted the same issue twice in different threads. This thread is for the Foxsat-HD which only has one tuner and therefore does not have a 2nd input.

    Admin can you please delete this thread.

    | Sun 1 Mar 2020 12:15:15 #2 |

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