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Manual Tuning Instructions

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    With acknowledgement to Biggles and Martin Liddle who drafted same for other units...

    1.Go to: and input your postcode and house number; tick the box marked "Detailed view".. Look carefully at the information returned for each transmitter; don't blindly accept the recommendation for the most likely transmitter.

    2.Having decided on a transmitter,note down the six or seven channel numbers for the mutiplexes (shown in the column headed N and on a darker grey background). If you are in a post DSO area carefully mark which one of these channel numbers carries the HD Mux.

    3. On the FVP Menu, Settings, Channel Settings.

    4. Select Automatic search for channels and immediately stop it; save the results. This deletes all previously found channels.

    5. Select Manual search. In the Channel field press right arrow, scroll up or down and select the first channel number from your list. In the Transmission field leave it on the default DVB-T for all channels except the HD channel; for the HD channel it must be changed to DVB-T2. Press Search. This should find a number of channel names. Save the results.

    6. Repeat the manual search for each channel previously noted.

    7. You will then need to re-enter your schedule of recordings.

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