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Momentry blank screen after switching on

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    My FVP 5000T shows a blank screen and no sound for few seconds about 20 minutes after switching on, have checked by running back and picture and sound are okay at time of problem so must be on HDMI output to TV.

    I took a video of the fault and Richer Sounds agreed to replace box, however same fault appears on replacement new box.

    I have spoken to Humax tech support and they have no idea what could be the cause.

    The TV it is connected to is a 4 year old Samsung UE55HU8500, however I have a Humax Freesat HDR1000S/GB/1TB connected to the same TV and have no problems with it.

    Another thing I have noticed is after having subtitles on with some films, even though turned off the next time FVP 5000T is turned on the subtitles are on, sometimes briefly and sometimes have to turn off again.

    Other niggles are the complicated way to view info about programmes in the EPG, having to go into and out of each programme to see what it is about unlike the Freesat where once looking at info you can scroll through programmes seeing info for each one.

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