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Network server dropping out when streaming

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    I stream videos (mp4, MKV, avi) from my laptop to my FVP-5000T and it works well up to a point. After about 20 mins a message comes up saying that the Humax server has disconnected, however the video usually continues and I can clear the message. Sometimes though, the video will freeze. When I leave the media menu the Humax is still saying that the Network server is running, but it no longer sees the server on the laptop. I can only get the Humax to see it again by going to the Humax System and Advanced settings and turn the Network server off, then on again.

    Just wondered if this is something unique to my setup or something that anyone has experienced and fixed before. Needles to say, I can stream without problems to other devices, but it is just convenient to use the Humax.

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