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No updates since 18.10.10 = iPlayer stopped working

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    I am hoping someone can help me as I am at my whits end!

    I have been happily using a DTR-T1000 YouView HD Digital TV Recorder since the first week YouView launched.

    I had been excited to hear last year about the launch of Netflix on the YouView platform and when it didn't automatically appear on my players list I started to look at what version I was on. It appears my problem is that my box has not received any updates in over 6 months, even though it is set to automatically do so. Now the problem has escalated and several of the OnDemand players have stopped working including BBC iPlayer. I can only guess this is due to the box not receiving updates.

    I do not appear to have received the substantial update '23/10/2014 - retail and BT Humax software version 20.9.0'

    The last update my box received was on 1/10/2014 despite showing that it is regularly checking for updates (currently says last checked 4 APR 2015):

    Manufacture software 18.10.10
    Component software 2.5.6
    Platform configuration 1017

    I have tried the following steps, all without success, to force the box to download and install the latest updates, the box is plugged directly into my router and does have a connection as I can still access some of the OnDemand players (ITV etc, even the new All4):

    Software Update via Device Management screen
    Software Reset via Maintenance Mode
    Factory Reset (both keep & delete recording) via Maintenance Mode
    Internet/ USB recovery (both keep & delete recording) via Maintenance Mode

    During these steps it appears a software update is being downloaded but then the installation fails. The software appears to download as I make it all the way through until the 'progressing' status bar is almost full but then I get the same 'sorry, selected option failed' message every time.

    I am all out of options, the device is essentially becoming useless and the entire thing is beginning to put my off using a Humax box in the future.

    Any assistance you could offer me would be greatly appreciated.

    | Thu 9 Apr 2015 21:37:12 #1 |
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    The DTR-T1000 has a reputation as unreliable, but it's unusual for it to take so long to give up the ghost. It does sound as if your problems might be due to that last update you received, rather than a terminal failure.

    See for a thread in the YouView Support forum which discusses that update and a few problems reported. Then I would suggesting either posting in that thread, or ringing YouView Support.

    If the box can't be made to accept updating, you have three options: keep using it with the limited functionality until it dies completely; recycle it (extracting the HDD for use as computer storage if desired); or contact your retailer. (That last option is probably not worth the hassle, as having had nearly three years' use out of the box at most you might get a small partial refund)

    PS. The reason iPlayer has stopped working will be because the version you've got has been superceded in a later update which you have not received. Problems with other players may have a similar cause. So if the updating problem can be resolved, the problems with players will likely no longer be an issue.

    | Fri 10 Apr 2015 11:40:19 #2 |

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