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Numbers disappear too quickly when using remote.

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    I've always been frustrated by the speed that channel numbers disappear when being entered from the remote. Frequently I'll enter the first one or two numbers but, by the time I've found the third, the first ones have disappeared. This has become even worse now that my old remote buttons often need a long hard press before they react so I have to press a button and check the screen then look back for the next number.

    By any chance, is there any way to extend the time the numbers remain on the screen please?

    | Mon 28 Dec 2015 23:09:32 #1 |
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    I see in your other post that you are looking to get a new remote control anyway. There is no way to change the timeout time for the channel numbers so all I can suggest is a bit of practise finding the numbers by feel remembering that 5 is the central button. You can also change channel by pressing OK (while watching live TV, not a recording) to bring up the channel list display and use the Up/Down/Right/Left keys to select the new channel then press OK to select, taking all the time you need.

    | Tue 29 Dec 2015 10:23:50 #2 |

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