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Only some mp4 files being seen in my PC's folders

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    I have been trying to stream mp4 video files I have in the folders on my Windows 11 laptop from my Humax 5000T, with some success. After adjusting the settings to share the folders, making sure the folders are in the laptops media library, turing all the Humax servers on etc. I am able to see some of the files in a folder, but only 16 of them even though they are all of the same mp4 format?

    If I put them in a folder on an external hdd attached to my laptop I can still only see 16 of the files, but if I attach the same external hdd to my Humax I can see all of them!

    Any ideas?

    | Sun 24 Apr 2022 20:48:40 #1 |

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