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Partitioning an external drive

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    I've just begun using a WD external USB drive.

    It appears on my recordings screen with a weird name 'DEVO-001' which I'd love to be able to change.

    In the absence of any way of creating user defined folders on a Humax (wow, this would be so useful in a future software update), I thought I'd at least stick all my films on to the external drive.

    This I've managed (though it's painfully slow moving HD files).

    Then I thought maybe there's a way of partitioning the external to appear as two or three drives, naming them 'Films', 'Radio programmes', 'Keepers', for example.

    Is this possible?

    I only have Mac computer here, and with something called Tuxera NTFS installed (which normally lets me read/write to PC-formatted discs), I can recognise the HD but it's name is 'Untitled' (not 'DEVO-01') and also there appears to be nothing on it (although I'm also told it's about 50Gb used.

    So, my questions - can I format partitions using a Mac and how would I get their names to be recognised by the Humax? And before doing that, would I have to move all my films back to the internal or is there a way of archiving them on the computer - how do I get to see the files on a Mac (I don't mean watch the films - I know their encrypted - I just mean, actually see that there are files there, to back up or move).

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