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Playing avi + srt files

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    Hello, I have some french dramas on a WDmyCloud networked drive with DLNA switched on. I am able to view and play these on my MacBook using VLC. Looking round for solutions a suggestion is that the srt extension (subtitles) file must have line endings as ANSI/UTF-7. You can convert these files in a Windows machine using Notepad (which I don't have to hand without recourse to a VM) but I have tried various options in TextWrangler (an app on MacOS) with no effect.

    File names are identical for both avi and srt extension, all special characters removed from file names, but no joy.

    Just wondering if I am overlooking something obvious and would like to know if anyone on here has had success with this file combination please?


    Thu 9 Aug 2018 16:12:48 #1 |

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