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    I have started to experience some problems (in the last 7 days or so), notably the box will not stop recording a program and has to be switched off to stop it recording (it could record for hours for a program that lasts say 30 mins) as it is impossible to do from the handset and menu system, thus all recordings are interrupted and partially lost. The box has frozen a number of times (and has to be unplugged) and is slow to respond to commands again from time to time. All in all I have now undertaken a hard reset (unplugged from mains) 5 times now and undertaken a 1 factory reset. All to no avail!

    I have run the onboard HDD diagnostic and it tells me there are no faults with the drive. Some info that may be of use:

    Software UKTFAE 1.03.53
    Loader UKTFAE 1.06

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