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programme in schedule disappears after LNR change

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    I have had a recording schedule setup for "A FAMILY AT WAR" on channel 81 which was broadcast on comm8 multiplex. On 30th Nov. this was moved to comm6 multiplex requiring a retune of these multiplexes.
    My program was broadcast on Sunday, I went to view it last night only to find that there was no trace of it and it had disappeared from the recording schedule (fortunately it is repeated on Wed. evening so fingers crossed I may still get it)
    This would appear to be another shortcoming of the scheduling search for programmes, as it also fails to recognise if it is broadcast at a different time of day or on another channel
    1) "last of the summer wine" on channel 20 set to record at lunchtime and is repeated in the evening for 3 days the broadcast schedule dropped the lunchtime broadcast thus but did transmit in the evening resulting in a missed recording. Adding in the evening broadcast results in a duplicate recording as though it is a completely different programme.

    2) UKTV especially "YESTERDAY" & "DRAMA" channels 19 & 20 quite often broadcast the same programme series though not on the same day
    If you set up a schedule for programme "A" and record on one channel and it is broadcast and you have scheduled it, on the other channel on another day it will record it regardless of the fact that you have it already recorded. (This may seem to be a crazy thing to do but you may not have got a complete series and just want to pick up missed broadcasts)
    I find the user interface a bit clunky and would prefer a straight list with an option to file the programmes to your own preference and set up an auto file. The pictures that are shown often do not relate to the recorded programme

    I know that this is all possible as I come from the redundant world of Topfield recorders

    Gripe over

    Wed 6 Dec 2017 10:06:59 #1 |
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    This is down to how the broadcaster codes the series and programme Content Reference Identifiers. Neither the box software, nor Humax or Freeview can do what you want unless the codes are organised in that way. Topfield recorders by way of taps could find and schedule content based on the programme name. This is not available on any current Freeview+ or FreeviewPlay units. It would be possible on the older HDR-FOX-T2 boxes thanks to the Custom Firmware. This gives it capabilities similar to the Topfield boxes. But that was twin tuner SD only recording.

    Wed 6 Dec 2017 12:03:57 #2 |
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    If you retune a unit then schedules have always been removed.

    If you used smart retune then as per FAQ:

    The Smart option will retune keeping your recording schedule and favourites intact for those mux/channels/LCN's that remain unchanged, ie identical to previously stored . If the Mux or LCN is changed the then any associated recording schedule and/or favourites will be removed.

    Wed 6 Dec 2017 12:08:05 #3 |

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