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Recording film split in two

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    I am trying to tape some films that all seem to be split in 2 and have tried many ways to sort this but it never works, the only way it will work is to take both sections which means i have 2 entries and looks aweful.

    Take Sat i'd like to tape Peter Pan on ITV2 @ 4.40pm that stops at 5.40pm then a 5 min show called FYI Daily then the rest of the movie for another 60 mins.

    Is there anyway to make this tape both sections of the movie while only have one entry in the taped tv shows section? The only way i can think of doing it is to tape the first half and alter the end time to the end of the movie but that means i get that poxy 5 min show in there as well.


    Fri 9 Dec 2016 19:21:19 #1 |
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    As you are recording from a SD channel connect a USB drive and copy the two halves to the drive (or your long recording with the unwanted bit in the middle). On a PC use software to join the two halves or remove the unwanted bit in the middle (and edit out the ads while you are doing it) , export as a single .ts and use Raydons AV2HDR to create the required sidecar files and upload the new now complete copy.

    The Foxsat custom firmware simplifies the transfer of the two files to a PC without needing to use USB and back to the Foxsat.

    There are various ways of editing and joining the two files on a PC, by far the easiest is VideoRedo's mpeg editing software (it's not free though).

    Fri 9 Dec 2016 20:08:46 #2 |

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