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Recordings, Planned/Actual, Appearing/Disappearing

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    Hopefully this'll find the right person as it is for more than one box.

    Last week - Humax HDR1100S -
    A programme, not planned by me mysteriously appears, including a planned series schedule for it.
    I delete it from the box and the planned.
    The planned series schedule reappears the next day! (And still does so)

    Youview (Humax DTR?) -
    Planned series scheduled are disappearing when still available.
    Yesterday -
    A programme, not planned by me mysteriously appears. I've not deleted it yet.

    I have apps on my phone associated with each box.
    Last week I uninstalled the FreeSat app, deleted the "rogue" programme and schedule for it then reinstalled the app.
    All looked okay until the next day when planned schedule reappeared!
    I've raised a query withh Freesat but they've yet to come back to me.

    After finding the unplanned recording on the Youview box yesterday my suspicion is now directed toward Humax the company, not the boxes.

    I can see a scenario where Humax holds planned recordings for each box on something like a central server.
    If there were some form of data corruption then mis-information could be passed to the boxes.

    Anyway, whatever, its very annoying especially as I can't rely on anything I've setup being there the next time.

    Any thoughts on the issue are gratefully received.

    | Mon 18 Jan 2021 16:01:07 #1 |
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    Have you tried power-cycling the box?

    You can easily disprove your theory about Humax holding information centrally by disconnecting the box from the internet for a few days.

    | Mon 18 Jan 2021 16:30:51 #2 |
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    Could try that with the HDR1100 but the Youview box is used daily for streaming.

    | Mon 18 Jan 2021 17:13:34 #3 |

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