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Replacing the DC power socket

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    I'd appreciate any comments on this one.

    My HDR2000T stopped working a few days ago. It's completely dead, no blue or red leds and no response to the remote. I tried a new power supply but still no response. I checked continuity on the DC power socket mounted on the PCB by using an adapter in the socket and multimeter from centre pin and sheath to the solder tags on the socket. The sheath checks out OK but nothing on the pin so I suspect the socket is broken or bent inside and needs replacing.

    The question I have concerns soldering to the board. The old socket is soldered through the pcb but I've tried to desolder and the stuff on the board doesn't melt as normal. Are Humax using a special alloy?

    Also, there are three tags on the socket; if anyone can identify the one corresponding to the centre pin it would save me some time.

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