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Taken A Picture Of My Aerial. Is It Adequate?

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    Minstrel SE

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    Hi all

    I have started my detective work before considering calling in a local firm for testing

    I am not receiving Com 7 Channel 55 with no signal whatsoever.

    I hope you can help by telling me if this looks wideband C/D or class A. The elements are in a sort of X shape

    Its pointing where all the other aerials point and no trees are obstucting its path. I have had channel 55 in the past but its gone again.

    Com 7 seems to be on a much lower power and I have seen that only the latest aerials can cope with it that some relay stations dont carry it.

    The landlord here does nothing and I believe he is not obliged to have the latest aerial

    Mon 18 Jun 2018 9:11:28 #1 |
  2. gomezz


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    Check the expected coverage here

    Mon 18 Jun 2018 9:45:30 #2 |

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