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    MyHumax.Org is a non-profit site dedicated to creating a community around Humax products, using Forum, Wiki, and Blog technologies.

    1. Under no circumstances should you say or do anything that will bring this site into disrepute.
    2. You should be respectful to the opinions and beliefs of others and should not provoke unwanted reactions.
    3. You should not post any illegal, unlawful, indecent, racist, sexist, ageist, abusive or libellous comments and material on this site.
    4. Moderators and Administrators of MyHumax.Org reserve the right to modify or remove posts that we consider to be in breach of these rules.

    You have agreed to the above terms and conditions by registering and participating on these forums.

    Please abide by these rules and also note our disclaimer below.


    1. MyHumax.Org staff (including moderators and administrators) are not responsible for the content of external sites (links that take you away from
    2. MyHumax.Org staff (including moderators and administrators) can not be held responsible for any adverse cause and action (such as injury or death, financial lost, damage to property, illegal or unlawful activities, etc.) resulting from taking advice posted on this site by staff and/or members.

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