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The Perfect Freeview / Media Player

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    Hi All
    I'm rather taking over this forum at the moment, apologies!
    My HD Fox T2 has died, so I wondered if I could get a Freeview recorder which also does Netflix and iPlayer, and maybe even plays from a DLNA server.
    My old Humax lasted well, so I looked on Amazon.
    Oh yes, the 5000T looks the thing but, oh, the reviews aren't what I expected or hoped*.
    A little more searching pulled up nothing suitable either.
    Does my dream box exist, or am I asking for the moon on a stick?
    *Isn't it interesting that on Amazon, you look at a product and the average rating is 4.3 stars, but then the most recent reviews give an average of, say, 3.
    It's almost as if ....

    | Thu 22 Jul 2021 19:25:34 #1 |
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    As far as I can tell, Aura still does not support Netflix.

    Have you looked at Panasonic Freeview players with built-in hard disks? They normally support Netflix, iPlayer and can record on to the hard disk, which can be transferred to USB. Have a quick look at John Lewis, RicherSounds, Currys etc and also the Panasonic website for manuals.

    If you prefer something more technical, check out vbox at

    | Tue 23 Nov 2021 10:18:16 #2 |

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