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What can I record and watch using 1 or 2 cables

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    I have an automated Excel application that details which second channels can be recorded and third channels viewed. It needs a bit of customisation in that you have to manually correct the data entries for 101, 102, 103 and 119 to match the transponders selected by postcode used. (press opt+ when tuned to the channel to get the data). Because only a PC running Excel supports active x controls it will only run on a PC running genuine Excel (compatibles have a different macro language and the MAC version does not support active x). It may however still be useful as it contains a record of freesat channel changes (and mods to the programme) and data for regional channel transponders

    A manual version for compatibles or for viewing in a browser exists



    Modus Operandi For two cable connections

    Find the channel you want to record using tuner 1 (note the coloured blocks identifying the transponders in cols 1-3). Identify the 2nd channel to be recorded.

    Here's the rules

    If both recordings are from the same transponder (eg BBC1-HD and BBC-HD) you can view and time shift any 3rd channel

    If both recordings are from different transponders then you can view but not time shift any channel sharing a transponder with either recording.

    One Cable

    Rule is as above except that the second channel choice is restricted to channels in the same block as indicated in col 4.

    Bear in mind if one recording includes a BBC SD channel with regional variations then these exist in both the low frequency blocks.

    Single cable users might also wish to note that ITV1-HD Granada, BBC1-HD and BBC-HD are all in the same block allowing those with a suitable postcode to record both the BBC-HD channels and view ITV1-HD even with only a single lnb

    Mods are usually uploaded same day as epg changes, data up to date with today's transponder moves CBS action and Vintage TV

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    New link for all 3 versions:

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    Note Graham cannot update adrive at present due to laptop problems.

    Now fixed.

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