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Which Channels Can I Watch While Recording 2 Others

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    Which Channels Can I Watch While Recording 2 Others?
    Why do I get Channel Restricted due to Recording?

    The Hummy has 2 DTT tuners. Each of the 2 tuners can tune to 1 multiplex (mux).
    The Hummy is capable of decoding 2 Channels from the same multiplex using 1 tuner whilst decoding another channel from the other tuner.
    So if you are recording from mux1 say BBC1 and from mux 2 say ITV3 you can watch a different channel from either of those 2 muxes.
    If you try to watch a channel from a different mux you will get a Channel Restricted due to Recording message on screen.
    If you press List the unavailable channels will be greyed out.

    If you are recording 2 channels from the same mux eg BBC1 and BBC3 then you will be able to tune to any other channel as the hummy is only using the 1 tuner for recording.

    For a list of channels on each of the muxes see here (link)

    If you get the Channel Restricted due to Recording message when only recording 1 channel you may have the 'Thinks it's recording' bug and you should turn the hummy off for at least 30 seconds after your recording has finished. (this last paragraph applies to early 9200t models and may not be relevant to later models)

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