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4000T not picking up a channel

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    One of my 4000T's, won't pick up channel 10 (ITV3). It's been like that for quite a while - long before the changes.
    The other one picked it up normally.
    When I do a channel search, I remove the coax first, and scan. This should bring nothing up,,,, but should also wipe out any problems/duplicates etc. I then replace the coax, and do a proper scan. Been doing this for years.


    one of the remotes is playing up. Some presses wouldn't get anything (no red light),,,,, then it would be o.k for a couple of times,,,, then it wouldn't. Obvious check was the batteries. They were fine, but I put new ones in anyway - to Noah Vale.

    Like lots of others, I've replaced remotes about 5 times,,,, they don't seem to last very long !

    Advice on either probs appreciated.
    all the best

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