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5000T has started randomly recording programmes

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    Hi, not sure if this has ever happened to anyone else?b the past 2 days I have looked in my recordings and there have been random programmes recorded that I definitely haven't set and neither has my partner.
    Tonight I have looked in the recordings and tipping point was set to record on series but oddly enough it was ones that were on at about 5am. And yesterday there was 3 random programmes that has recorded.

    Very strange, anyone got any ideas what could be happening?



    | Tue 20 Apr 2021 22:29:37 #1 |
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    Most likely recycled crid's.

    | Wed 21 Apr 2021 9:36:25 #2 |
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    That’s a real possibility. Series linked programmes hang about at the bottom of the schedule list and could resurface later. Some channels (BBC) also have a habit of using the same crid for multiple showings of the same programme - certainly on radio. If I want to record the midday outing of a series, but there is a repeat at 6am, I often get the first in a series at the time I requested and the others at the earliest broadcast. Perhaps ITV have done this with Tipping Point.

    | Wed 21 Apr 2021 9:52:47 #3 |

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